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Luxury Innovation Service


The fully commercial PRO+ (Electric Blue 2011 Model) is our top of the range fully commercial vibration plate. It is designed for professional vibration training studios, leisure centres and busy gyms as well as beauty and tanning. Stronger vibrations give quicker results and we guarantee this to be stronger than any other plate in its class or your money back. The plate comes with a A1 size training poster and the Ultim8 training DVD. We also deliver, install and provide 2-3 hours onsite certified training all in the price.

Factory Direct Price £3,999.00
Special Offer Price £2,500.00

Or we have 2 finance options:
  1. 24 Months Interest Free Credit - 0.0% APR (typical), £93.75 for 24 months , £250.00 deposit
  2. 48 Months Interest Bearing Credit - 19.9% APR (typical), £66.44 for 48 months , £250.00 deposit