How Vibration Plates Work

Vibration training might seem to be a new concept, but the Russian professor Nazarov had already investigated this technology back in the 1970s. As a former top gymnast, Nazarov had seen the results of vibration training close at hand. Vibration training was used by Olympic trainers in Russia who were looking for the best form of training. Russian athletes subsequently dominated the Olympic Games during that decade. Following the huge success of the Russian athletes, the Russian Space programme also initiated research, investigating vibration technology and the negative effects of weightlessness on muscles and bones.

Despite Nazaro’s good results, politics and language prevented recognition of the Russian’s work by the West. Vibration technology was rediscovered in the West at the end of the 1980s. It was the Italian sport physiologist, Carmelo Bosco, who conducted extensive research into the vibration method. He is one of the leading scientists who studied the effects of vibration technology on the human body, particularly on the muscles, nervous system and hormones.

Whole Body Vibration is a form of training which uses reflexes. The Vibration Plate generates mechanical energy (vibrations) which are transferred to the body. This high frequency vibration causes a myotatic reflex or a stretch reflex in the muscle being trained. The muscles involuntarily contract. A good example of a stretch reflex is a reflex tested by the doctor when he gently taps a reflex hammer under the knee. The muscles in the upper leg involuntarily contract 100% automatically.

*We wish to make it clear that the Ultim8 Plate is not a medical Devic.