Commercial Sales

Gyms, Health Clubs, Studios, Tanning Salons

The Ultim8 PRO and Ultim8 PRO + Models are suitable for use in a commercial environment whether it would be a Gym, Tanning Salon, or Studio. The Ultim8 PRO + Model benefits from a Larger Plate, Strong Motors and more advanced computer making it the pinnacle of our range. So what ever you require we have the solution.


We can offer full on site staff training by certified fitness trainers for a very reasonable fee along with posters and other training guides.


If you’re unsure as to how vibration training will be received in your business why not hire one of our machines through our sister company Hire Fitness. They can offer try before you buy options or short term rentals check there website for availability in your area and prices.


We can arrange for a no obligation demonstration at your gym, salon or studio so you can assess the benefits the vibration training we can offer to your clients. Please call us to discuss your requirements.


We are to make the Ultim8 Plates in a variety of colours to suit your environment or corporate colours for a small extra fee (4 week lead time)

Business Leasing

In collaboration with our leasing partners we can offer you very flexible and attractive financing options over manageable terms. As an example you can finance a

Ultim8 Pro Vibration for £35.00* a Month Over 3 Years
Ultim8 Pro + Vibration for £80.00* a Month Over 3 Years

Multiple Orders

If you require more than one machine please contact our sales team as we are able to offer substantial discounts for volume purchases.


Installation and assembly is very straight forward, but we are able to offer an installation service at a reasonable cost.

Warranty & After Sales

We are able to offer extended warranties and have 10 engineers placed across the UK should any issues arise.

These are prices are for illustration purposes only T and C Apply, all plus Vat please contact us for further details