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Good Health and an attractive appearance is important to us all and with busy lifestyles it can prove hard to find that balance. Ultim8 Fitness is one of the UK’s leading experts in vibration exercise plate technology. Vibration Training is a proven fitness technology for which you use a vigorously vibrating plate to stimulate your muscles and condenses a traditional gym work out into just a short 10-15minute session. The vibration stimulus, like traditional exercise, also has a whole host of other advantages helping weight loss, improving muscle tone, and your health and well being.

Ultim8 Fitness is a leading company in this field with an expert team of fitness professionals that share the same goal, that of being at the forefront of this technology. We don’t pay for celebrity endorsements so we are able to reflect that in the price of our equipment. We don’t compromise on quality and guarantee that our plates are as strong as market leading powered plates or your money and delivery cost refunded. Totally no risk!